The Miniature Cartridge Valves

We now have the Miniature Cartridge Valves amongst our products. You will find the specification and datasheet here

The new Nikko Kohki LA-60E/ LA-80E

We are happy to announce the new generation of mid-range air blower from Nikko Kohki models LA-60E and LA-80E.

Both models have been developed to complete our successful range of air blowers with electricity saving units.
While the trusted models LA-60B and LA-80B are continued as before, Nikko Kohki complete these mid-range models with a new generation of energy-saving units.
LA-60E and LA-80E offer up to 25% lower power consumption.

You find the datasheet for LA-60E and LA-80E here

Nordson Medical Tube-to-Tube Reducer Fittings

We have added the data sheet for Nordson Medical Tube-to-Tube Reducer Fittings with the expanded product offering of comprehensive tube-to-tube fittings – Y reducers, tee reducers, and the
patent-pending manifold reducers.

You will find the pdf file right here

Value Plastics Components catalog

We have now added Nordson Medical Value Plastics Bioprocessing Components catalog on our homepage. Just go to to find it

Aldax has now Nitto Kohki pumps and spare parts on stock

Nitto Kohki – our latest addition to our product range of pumps and quick couplings.
We are very pleased to announce that we have recently signed a distribution agreement with Nitto Kohki, which is a world-renowned Japanese designer and manufacturer of high-tech components, tools and machines. The agreement will cover Nitto’s range of pumps, air compressor and quick couplings.

Click here to read more about Nitto Kohki and their range of linear pumps.

LinkTech news and products

Nordson Corporation

Nordson Corporation Acquisition of LinkTech Quick Couplings, Inc.

Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) is broadening its fluid management product offering for medical and select non-medical applications with the acquisition of LinkTech Quick Couplings, Inc., a Ventura, California designer, manufacturer and distributor of highly engineered precision couplings and fittings. The transaction is not material to Nordson results and is being funded under Nordson’s existing revolving credit facility. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Download full press release.


LinkTech CleanroomLinkTech Announces New Cleanroom and Manufacturing Expansion

LinkTech has expanded their headquarters in order to increase product cleanliness, manufacturing capabilities and to accommodate expected business growth for 2016 and beyond.

Download Facility Expansion Press Release PDF

30AC Series


New 30AC Small All Plastic Series Couplings

The New 30AC Series is the first small all plastic series coupling. It offers the same 1/8” flow size as the 20 Series but is more reliable with less moving parts due to its advanced design with no external springs. Its cost efficient all plastic thumb-latch design makes an audible click when coupled to ensure a secure connection. The 30AC Series is produced in a durable natural Acetal (POM) thermoplastic and is resistant to most mild chemicals. Its unique connection does not connect or interchange with the 20 Series or any similar thumb-latch type couplings. It is manufactured to be trouble free for many years of service and has been cycle tested to 100,000 connections.

Download 30AC Series Datasheet PDF
Download 30AC Series Press Release PDF



60 Series Large Flow CouplingsNew 60 Series UV Resistant Couplings

The New 60PP-Black Series couplings offer 3/8” flow size and are produced from medical grade, gamma sterilizable, UV-resistant polypropylene. The solid “Black-out” color allows the ability to color key applications, as well as makes these couplings significantly more resistant to UV radiation due to its already advanced raw material capabilities. The New 60PS-Black Series couplings offer 3/8” flow size and are manufactured from high performance thermoplastic Udel Polysulfone. The solid “Black-out” color allows for the ability to color key applications and provides a greater UV radiation resistance than 60PS-White couplings, in addition to their inherent stability at high temperatures.

Download 60PP-BLK Series Datasheet PDF
Download 60PP-BLK Series Press Release PDF
Download 60PS-BLK Series Datasheet PDF
Download 60PS-BLK Series Press Release PDF


65PS Large Flow CouplingsNew 65PS Series Large Flow Couplings

The New 65PS Series couplings offer 1/2” flow capacity and are manufactured from high performance thermoplastic Udel Polysulfone. 65PS couplings have a full flow, non-valved, smooth internal bore that doubles the flow of the 60 Series with minimal turbulence. These autoclavable couplings are extremely durable and withstand chemical resistance. 65PS Series couplings interconnect with 65GP Series as well as other compatible plastic latch type couplings.

Download 65PS Series Datasheet PDF
Download 65PS Series Press Release PDF



100 Series CouplingsNew 100 Series Multiport Couplings

The New 100 Series couplings offer 1/16″ flow capacity and are available in a durable natural Acetal (POM) thermoplastic or a medical grade, gamma sterilizable Polypropylene. These couplings feature an intuitive slide latch that easily connects and disconnects up to ten fluid lines. For Acetal versions, they are available with or without valves on the socket side. For Polypropylene versions, the fluid lies are equipped with a free flowing path. The New 100 Series couplings can accommodate up to ten 1/16″, 3mm or 1/8″ flow size inserts to meet specific application needs. The 100AC Series couplings interconnect with the 100PP Series couplings as well as other similar industry multi-line slide-latch type couplings.

Download 100AC Series Datasheet PDF
Download 100AC Series Press Release PDF
Download 100PP Series Datasheet PDF
Download 100PP Series Press Release PDF


60PS Large Flow CouplingsNew 60PS Series Large Flow Couplings

Set to launch July 2014, these 3/8″ flow polysulfone couplings are more durable and stable at higher temperatures. They come in valved and non-valved configurations and are known to replace brass in pressurized hot water applications.

Download 60PS Series Datasheet PDF
Download 60 Series Press Release PDF




60PP Large Flow CouplingsNew 60PP Series Large Flow Couplings

LinkTech’s new 60PP Series Couplings offer the highest available 3/8″ flow with both valved and non-valved configurations. These medical grade polypropylene couplings come equipped with a larger, more robust thumb-latch as well as a new and improved panel mount design that is set to launch July 2014.

Download 60PP Series Datasheet PDF
Download 60 Series Press Release PDF

dual tube connectors


New Dual Tube Couplings

These couplings are LinkTech’s new dual free flow path technology which allows two separate fluid lines to run simultaneously all in one coupling. The 42AB Series couplings offer 3/32″ flow capacity and are manufactured from medical grade ABS material.

Download 42AB Series Datasheet PDF
Download 42AB Series Press Release PDF



New 50PP SeriesNew 50PP Series Couplings

LinkTech’s new 50PP Series Couplings offer 1/4″ flow and are produced from medical grade gamma sterilizable polypropylene. The 50PP Series polypropylene couplings offer greater chemical resistance and they are available in both valved and non-valved configurations.

Download 50PP Series Datasheet PDF
Download 50PP Series Press Release PDF


Radel-Press Release2Solvay’s Radel PPSU Replaces Metal in LinkTech’s Proprietary Quick Couplings for Surgical Sterilization Unit

Radel PPSU is a super-tough thermoplastic with high heat resistance, exceptional hydrolytic stability and excellent chemical resistance. LinkTech’s expanded product line of Radel Couplings was featured in a Press Release by Solvay Specialty Polymers based out of Brussels.

Download Radel PPSU Press Release PDF



New Twist Lock Couplings

These couplings are LinkTech’s smallest quick connectors yet. The new twist lock couplings come equipped with a new and improved “Easy Grip Barrel” that provides an ergonomic handle with a non-slip more secure grip and reliable connection every time.

Download 10 Series Datasheet PDF
Download 10 Series Press Release PDF


Anti-Rotational-Press ReleaseAnti-Rotational Feature Minimizes Risk of Tangled Tubing

LinkTech’s new “Patent Pending” Anti-Rotational plugs prevent coupling rotation. These couplings allow for an aligned connection every time and minimize the risk of tangled or crossed tubing connections.

Download Anti-Rotational Press Release PDF


plastic-tubing-connectorsNew Push-In Couplings

LinkTech’s new Push-In Couplings offer the highest flow with no installation tooling needed. It connects with most plastic and copper tubing for easy connections. These LT couplings are designed and manufactured as trouble free with a long service life.

Download Push-In Datasheet PDF
Download Push-In Press Release PDF


couplerNew Almond Polypropylene Couplings

LinkTech polypropylene couplings are now available in New Legacy Almond and Modern Cool Grey colors. These new color combinations allow customers to chose their preferred custom coupling color improving their device aesthetics.

Download Almond Datasheet PDF

Breakaway-Press Release



LinkTech Supports Medical Device Innovation With Its New Patented 50BAC Series Breakaway Connectors

LinkTech’s customer, WElkins, received clearance from the FDA for their EMT/ICU Temperature Management System which features LinkTech’s Breakaway Connectors.

Download 50BAC Breakaway Press Release PDF


Radel-Press ReleaseSolvay’s Radel PPSU Replaces Acetal in Quick Couplings for Surgical Sterilization Unit

PPSU provides better chemical resistance, reduced maintenance, and extended service life. LinkTech’s expanded product line of Radel Couplings was featured in a Press Release by Solvay Specialty Polymers based out of Brussels.

Download Radel PPSU Press Release PDF

Aldax Newsletter January 2016

You can now read our newsletter for January 2016

The Foreword

In the end of last year we added a new supplier to our existing range of pumps and quick couplings. The supplier is Nitto Kohki which is a renowned global company with most of the manufacturing in Japan.

Our main product range of pumps will still come from Parker Hannifin, but the Nitto pumps will be a very good
complement. You can read more about Nitto Kohki and the products here.

Regarding new products we are presenting a couple of new miniature valves from Parker Hannifin. It is the small and compact R9 and LX valves which you can read more about in this newsletter.

Our supplier of plastic fittings and bioprocess components, Nordson Medical, is also launching a number of new products which you can read about on the last page.

Please contact us at or thru our contact page contact , if you have any questions.

Download and read the whole newsletter here


We have now updated with the new R9 Valve from Parker, you will find it here

We have also updated the Data Sheet for the Series LX-Valve, you will find the Data Sheet here

Nitto Kohki

We are now a proud reseller of Nitto Kohki Pumps and Air Compressors.

You will find the catalogues under Data Sheets and we will soon add more content to our website.

New webdesign

We have now released our new webdesign. It is fully responsive so it will adjust to the device you are using to watch our site.

We do hope you like the new look and feel of it, enjoy!