Pressure-Driven Flow Control in Microfluidic Systems

Improving Lab-on-a-chip liquid flow control with digital electronic pressure controllers

Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) technology, also known as chip-based microsystem, is widely used in multiple industries and applications. It is capable to perform complex analytical tasks with very small sample volumes which can reduce costs and improve efficiency. Additionally, microfluidic systems can be designed to be portable and easy to use making them ideal for point-of-care applications. However, designing a microfluidic system can be challenging as it requires expertise in fluid dynamics to ensure the precise movement of samples, buffers, and reagents throughout the chip for accurate analysis and desired outcomes.

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White Paper: Pressure Driven Flow Control

EPiC Miniature Digital Pressure Controller

High-Performance Pressure Controllers

The EPiC Digital Pressure Controller converts a variable input control signal into a controlled pneumatic output up to 150 PSI (10.3 bar). Used to control critical pressure and flow levels in applications that require extreme precision and quiet operation, the EPiC replaces manual regulators, needle valves, and bleed orifices.

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EPiC Brochure 20230719
EPiC Datasheet 20230719