The VSO® LowPro is a miniature proportional valve that controls the flow rate of inert gases. Typical flow rates up to 50 SLPM with a maximum of 1.5 Watts at room temperature. At just 16 mm wide by 14 mm tall, the valve can be populated into the smallest portable device improving performance, size and weight. With an orifice of up to 0.080” (2.03 mm) and a weight of 12 g, the VSO® LowPro can perform the function of valves three times its size without sacrificing the power. Mounting only requires a simple, machined manifold.


• Very low power required of typically 1 Watt enables portable capability and low power control increasing battery life or reducing the size of your power supply or battery
• Low profile design simplifies mounting and eliminates cartridge configurations that require complex & expensive machining
• Delivers consistent performance on every valve
• Reach, RoHS, ISO 15001, IP65, and CE compliant


• Portable Oxygen Concentrators
• Ventilators
• Patient Monitors

Typical Applications

• Pressure Control
• Volumetric Flow Control
• Pulse Dose Control

Performance Characteristics

Performance: Flow Rate Range 0 to 45 slpm
Performance: Pressure Range Up to 50 psi
Orifice Size (mm) 1.02 to 2.03
Width (inch) 0.63
Width (mm) 16
Length (inch) 0.8
Length (mm) 20
Height (inch) 0.55
Height (mm) 14
Wetted Materials: Body 6061 Aluminum, 430 FR Stainless Steel
Wetted Materials: Armature 1018 Steel (Ni Plated)
Wetted Materials: Spring 17-7 Stainless Steel
Wetted Materials:Seal (Elastomer) FKM
All Other Wetted Materials Urethane, Polyvinyl Butyral, Epoxy
Control Method Current or Voltage
Cleanliness Oxygen Clean
Valve Configuration Type 2 Way Normally Closed
Life (# cycles) Up to 100 Million Cycles
Pneumatic Connection Options Manifold Mount
Electrical Connection Options 12.5" Wire Leads
Leak Rate Power Consumption (W) 2.0 Maximum
Weight (oz) 0.42
Weight (g) 12
Typical Applications Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Ventilators, Patient Monitors
Thermal Compensation Non-Thermally Compensated

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