Electronic vacuum pressure control unit designed for laboratory instruments where precision vacuum control is required.

Product Information

The VSO-EV™ is a pressure controller specifically configured and optimized for vacuum pressure control. The VSO-EV converts a variable electrical control signal into a closed-loop, tightly regulated pneumatic output. Often used for aspirating liquid samples, as well as for pipetting and dispensing nano-liter volumes, the VSO-EV offers users an internal sensor to close the control loop around critical system parameters. The VSO-EV is well suited for high precision automated laboratory instruments, meeting the most stringent separation and detection requirements.
  • Low weight and low power consumption
  • Ensures high accuracy and unparalleled resolution
  • Tested for long life
  • Offers internal closed loop control and external pressure sensor capability
  • Analog control

Typical Applications

  • Sample aspiration
  • Liquid dispense meniscus pressure control
  • Component pick and place

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Sample aspiration, Liquid dispense meniscus pressure control, Component pick and place

Product Use

Pressure Control:No
Vacuum Control:Yes
Pressure and Flow Control:No
Rapid Exhaust:Not Available
Controllable Pressure Range:7.5 to 150 mBar, 17.25 to 345 mBar
Effective Orifice Sizes:.01 and .03" (0.25 and 0.76 mm)


Height:2.20 in. ( 56 mm)
Width:2.32 in. ( 59 mm)
Length:1.27 in. ( 32 mm)

Data Sheet

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