These 2 & 3 way cartridge valves offer the most compact solution with a fast
response time and a very long service life thanks to its flat spring technology.
These miniature solenoid valves can be populated into the smallest portable
device improving performance, size and weight.
High-quality stainless steels and sealing materials make the valves suitable for use with a wide range of gases.
This range is available in 3 sizes (7, 15 & 21 mm) with a wide range of orifices (0,3 to 4 mm).

Market of interest

● Food & Beverage Processing
● Mobile / Transportation
● Industrial equipment
● Commercial Equipment

Typical applications

● Milk foam in full auto coffee machine
● Injection control in small engines
● Portable tooling
● Gas analysers
● Vacuum handling

Click to download the Technical Specification of Miniature Cartridge Valves