Non thermally compensated, 2-way normally closed (NC) high flowing proportional valve designed for flow rates up to 240 slpm at less than 2 watts of power. Ideal for respiratory applications that require low hysteresis and rapid response

Product Information

The VSO®- MAX is a high flow proportional valve that provides maximum flow capabilities to 240 slpm while consuming less than two watts of power. By offering 18% more flow and using 25% less power than the nearest competitive valve on the market, VSO®- MAX is the ideal solution for applications requiring low hysteresis and fast response.
  • Capable of contollable flow rates of up to 240 slpm and pressures of 60 psig (4 bar)
  • Provides repeatability across its operating range for improved accuracy
  • Available Oxygen Service use clean
  • Low power consumption generates less heat
  • Proven performance tested to 25 million life cycles
  • RoHS compliant

Typical Applications

  • Ventilators
  • O2 Concentrators & Conservers
  • Anaesthesia Delivery & Monitors
  • Pressure & Flow Control
  • Mass Flow Control

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Ventilators, O2 Concentrators & Conservers, Anaesthesia Delivery & Monitors, Pressure & Flow Control, Mass Flow Control
Orifice Sizes Available:.116" (2.95mm)
Thermal Compensation:Non-Thermally Compensated
Control Method:Current or Voltage
Cleanliness:Oxygen Clean
Valve Configuration(Type):2 Way Normally Closed
Life (# cycles):Up to 35 Million Cycles
Pneumatic Connection Options:Manifold Mount
Electrical Connection Options:18" Wire Leads
Voltage Configurations Available:5 VDC, 12 VDC, and 24 VDC
Leak Rate: Power Consumption (Watts):2.0 Watts Maximum
Weight:2.5 oz (69.4 g)


Flow Rate Range:0 to 240 slpm
Pressure Range:0 to 50 psi


Width:0.63 in (15.88 mm)
Height:0.69 in (17.39 mm)
Length:2.02 in (51.41 mm)

Wetted Materials

Body/Stem Base:360 HO2 Brass, 430 FR Stainless Steel
All other:300 Series Stainless Steel

Data Sheet

Click to download the Technical Specification of VSO Max Miniature High Flow Proportional Valve