Compact electronic pressure control unit specifically designed for analytical and OEM instrument applications that require fast response and rapid pressure deflation.

Product Information

Used in analytical and OEM instrument applications, the VSO-HP delivers integral closed loop proportional control with the highest level of accuracy and stability. With an extra internal dump valve, the VSO-HP offers rapid depressurization, which results in a fast response time and has an optional external sensor for expertly controlling pressure in required applications. The VSO-HP can be configured to control pressure or flow, replacing manual regulators, flow controllers, and needle valves. This product uses Parker Hannifin’s patented VSO® proportional valve and offers precise motion control with Parker pneumatic cylinders, such as the Series SRX.
  • Stable pressure control with minimal thermal drift
  • Rapid depressurization
  • High accuracy; high repeatability
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional 5 VDC supply output
  • Configurable for pressure control or flow control
  • External pressure sensor capability
  • Silent operation; long life
  • Analog control

Typical Applications:

Medical Training Devices
Gas Over Liquid Flow Control
HPLC Gas to Liquid Pressure Amplifiers

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Medical Training Devices, Gas Over Liquid Flow Control, HPLC Gas to Liquid Pressure Amplifiers
Product Use: Pressure Contol:Yes
Product Use: Vacuum Control:No
Product Use: Pressure and Flow Control:Yes
Rapid Exhaust:Available with Rapid Exhaust Valve
Controllable Pressure Range:.35 to 7 psi, .75 to 15 psi, 1.5 to 30 psi, 5 to 100 psi
Effective Orifice Sizes:.03" (0.76 mm)


Height:2.79 in. (71mm)
Width:1.66 in. (42mm)
Length:1.52 in. (39mm)

Data Sheet

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