Electronic pressure control unit specifically designed for gas chromotography manufacturers that require low volumetric flow control.

Product Information

The VSO-GC Electronic Pressure Control Unit converts a variable electrical control signal into a variable pneumatic output. The internal integration on the VSO-GC has been optimized for low flow applications and applications utilizing minimal volume. Used to control critical pressures and flows, the VSO-GC replaces manual regulators, needle valves, flow controllers, and vent orifices, providing integral closed loop proportional control. This product uses Parker Hannifin’s patented VSO® proportional valve and offers significant improvements over dual valve controllers.
  • Offers silent operation
  • Ensures high accuracy and unparalleled resolution
  • Tested for long life
  • Offers internal closed loop control
  • OEM application-specific configurations available
  • Analog control
  • Optimized for stability at low flows
  • RoHS compliant

Typical Applications:

Volumetric Flow Control
Carrier Gas Pressure Control
Air over Liquid Flow Control
Split Flow Control

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Volumetric Flow Control, Carrier Gas Pressure Control, Air over Liquid Flow Control, Split Flow Control
Product Use: Pressure Contol:Yes
Product Use: Vacuum Control:No
Product Use: Pressure and Flow Control:Yes
Rapid Exhaust:Not Available
Controllable Pressure Range:0.1 to 2 psi, 0.75 to 15 psi, 2.5 to 50 psi, 5 to 100 psi
Effective Orifice Sizes:.003, .01 and .03" (0.076, 0.25 and 0.76 mm)


Height:2.20 in. ( 56 mm)
Width:2.32 in. ( 59 mm)
Length:1.27 in. ( 32 mm)

Data Sheet

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