Parker's Series 9 valves combine extreme pressures, tight leak specifications and wide temperature ranges with an unmatched small size package.

Product Information

Series 9 solenoid valves offer outstanding potential for precision control in liquid analysis. Combining high speed, ultra low leak rate, high flow, and high temperature capability, in a small size, this rugged valve operates with extreme repeatability and is constructed of non-corroding, passivated stainless steel. Series 9 coils are rated continuous duty and are potted to exclude the environment.
  • Smallest footprint in its class
  • High speed response times of less than 5 ms eliminate delays in the system
  • 100% tested to leak-tight 1 x 10-7 cc/sec/atm Helium
  • 100% duty cycle in environmental temperatures of up to 105°C
  • Pressures up to 1250 PSI

Typical Applications:

Liquid CO2 dispense

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Calibrant Gas for Mass Spectrometers, Liquid CO2 dispense, Surgical Refrigerant Dispense valve
Valve Type:Inert Non Isolation
Vacuum to Pressure Range:1x10-5 torr to 1250 psi (86.2BAR)
Orifice Sizes Available:0.030"(0.76mm) to 0.116"(2.94mm)
Valve Configuration(Type):2/3 Way Normally Closed
Leak Rate:1 x 10-7 cc/sec/atm Helium
Response Time: Mounting Style(integration):1/4-28 Threaded Ports; 1/8" NPT, or A-Lok compression fittings

Wetted Materials

Body:316 Stainless Steel
Sleeve:PTFE, Stainless Steel, FKM
Seal Options:FKM & Vespel or FKM


Width:0.75" (19.1mm)
Height:2.18" (55.4mm)
Length:1.91" (48.5mm)

Data Sheet

Click to download the Technical Specification of Series 9 - Miniature Calibrant Gas Valve