Parker's Series 3 family of liquid valves provide an inert wetted path for your aggressive liquids including bleach and other harsh solvents.

Product Information

The Series 3 solenoid valve is constructed of inert materials suitable for both liquids and gases. It can handle various liquid and gases including bleach and saline, for applications in analytical chemistry, clinical chemistry, blood chemistry, and ink jet printing. These 2-way and 3-way valves provide high flow in a small valve with pressures up to 100 psi. Feature no metal-to-metal sliding surfaces, which ensure long and trouble free operation. These valves offer an excellent long life alternative to pinch valves, since there is no pinched tubing to wear out. Series 3 also offers a higher pressure rating than most diaphragm isolation valves.
  • Wetted parts are engineered plastic (PEEK), stainless steel, and elastomer (FKM or EPDM)
  • Chemically resistant to moderate acids, bases, dilute bleach and saline
  • Integral molded and machined barbs for soft tubing eliminate potential leaks at connection
  • High flow in small package provides fast cycle times and low pressure losses
  • No sliding metal-to-metal surfaces minimizes wear of moving parts
  • Direct acting design does not require pressure or vacuum to operate
  • RoHS compliant

Typical Applications:

Control of:
Wash solutions
Waste delivery
Dilute Bleach
Aggressive Media

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Bleach, Waste, Cleaning and Wash Solutions
Valve Type:Inert Non Isolation
Vacuum to Pressure Range:24" Hg to 100 psi (6.9 BAR)
Orifice Sizes Available:0.055" (1.4mm) to 0.090" (2.3mm)
Valve Configuration(Type):2/3 Way Normally Closed
Leak Rate:Bubble tight
Response Time: Wetted Materials: Sleeve:PTFE
Mounting Style(integration):Barbed

Wetted Materials

Sleeve:Stainless Steel, EPDM or FKM
Seal Options:FKM or EPDM


Width:0.81" (20.6mm)
Height:2.13" (54.1mm)
Length:1.32" (33.5mm)

Data Sheet

Click to download the Technical Specification of Series 3 - Miniature Inert Liquid Valve