Parker's Miniature Diaphragm Dual Head Liquid Pumps are proven in a variety of medical and industrial equipments, like clinical in-vitro diagnostics and harsh industrial chemical applications.

Product Information

Parker's LTC Miniature Diaphragm Pumps are offered in both brush and brushless DC motor drives that can be configured for your specific performance requirements and handle a wide range of liquid media over a wide range of pressures. LTC patented Fluid-Blok™ Advanced Sealing Technology provides redundant sealing capabilities to eliminate potential leaks. Monolithic diaphragm design enables maximum suction, priming, and continuous dry operation.
  • Parker's LTC single body liquid pumps are ideal for customers looking for high liquid pump performance vs. size ratio to meet the needs of clinical chemistry, in-vitro diagnostics, or industrial printing applications.
  • LTC Pumps provide up to 650 SMLPM, 2000 mbar, and 500 mm Hg in 110 to 150 g packages.
  • Our miniature diaphragm liquid pump technology is highly configurable with various options for cost effective or long-life requirements,
  • Designed to be chemical resistant, liquid tight, self-prime, and dry running capable designs for critical applications.

Typical Applications:

Large Format Printing
Photo Processing Printing
Clinical Diagnostics
Liquid Chromatography

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Clinical Diagnostics, Liquid Chromatography, Urinalysis, Wide Format Printing
Maximum Free Flow:0.650 slpm
Maximum Continuous Pressure:30 psig (2,068 mbar)
Maximum Intermittent Pressure:30 psig (2,068 mbar)
Maximum Vacuum Continuous:20 in Hg (508 mm Hg)
Maximum Vacuum Intermittent:20 in Hg (508 mm Hg)
Current Range (mA):390 mA - 1.1 A
Motor voltage options:6, 12, 24 VDC
Noise:As low as 45 db
Motor Options:Brushed (1,500 Hrs) or Brushless (10,000 Hrs)
Motor Control Options:2 Wire (Analog or PWM) Brushed, 2 Wire, 3 Wire (Analog or PWM)
Motor Life:Up to 10,000 hours


Head:Vectra, Teflon
Diaphragm:EPDM, AEPDM, Perfluoro, Fluorocarbon
Valve:EPDM, AEPDM, Perfluoro, Fluorocarbon


Width:30 mm
Weight:7.4 oz(210 g) Brushed or 4 oz(113 g) Brushless

Data Sheet

Click to download the Technical Specification of LTC Miniature Diaphragm Pumps (liquid) Up to 650 mLPM Free Flow