Parker's Iota One Valve Driver is the ideal controller for high speed pulse valves.

Product Information

Iota One is a benchtop or rack mountable driver for high speed solenoid valves (Series 9 and 99). Pulse duration ranges in microseconds. Milliseconds, or longer can be selected. Internally generated pulse trains can be achieved by setting on and off times or an operating frequency. Two externally triggered modes can be selected allowing partial or complete external control. Front panel BNC jacks are provided for both input and output TTL signals. The single channel unit can produce repetition rates up to 250 Hertz (maximum 50% duty cycle). A shielded cable(s) is included for connection to the valve(s)

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Valve Driver, Laser Spectroscopy Experiments, Molecular Beam experiments
Operating Times:Microsecond
Trigger Modes:Internally or Externally
Compatible Valves:Series 9 and Series 99 Microdispense Valves



Data Sheet

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