Compact, lightweight electronic pressure control unit specifically designed for portable applications with power and system weight constraints. Ideal for applications that require fast response and accuracy.

Product Information

Based on piezo actuator technology, Parker's Active Pressure Controller (APC) is a compact, modular controller that consumes minimal power while offering exceptional response time. The onboard analog control electronics provide outstanding accuracy. The APC control scheme enables “set and forget” operation for applications where stand-alone operation is desirable. Simply tune the APC’s onboard pressure set point adjustment to the desired level and walk away. The onboard control loop will maintain pressure at the set-point indefinitely. If preferred, the APC can also be controlled through external control hardware.
  • Outstanding accuracy (±0.2% FS typical)
  • Minimal power consumption — less than 40 mA draw at 12 VDC.
  • Available in 5 standard pressure ranges for precise control.
  • High-efficiency device produces minimal heat — no impact on sensitive flow measurements.
  • Can be operated in stand-alone mode to avoid the expense of an independent control system.
  • Rapid response time (< 20 ms) gives high level of flow stability.
  • Tailored to customer pressure/flow and mounting requirements.

Typical Applications:

Volumetric Flow Control
Air Over Liquid Flow Control
Pressure Regulation

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Volumetric Flow Control, Air Over Liquid Flow Control, Pressure Regulation
Product Use: Pressure Contol:Yes
Product Use: Vacuum Control:No
Product Use: Pressure and Flow Control:Yes
Rapid Exhaust:Not Available
Controllable Pressure Range:0.36 to 7.25 psi, 1.45 to 29 psi, 7.25 to 145 psi
Effective Orifice Sizes:.003, .01 and .05" (0.076, 0.25 and 1.27 mm)


Height:1.60" (40.6 mm)
Width:2.52" (64.1 mm)
Length:1.07" (22.3 mm)

Data Sheet

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