15 mm stainless and brass PC mountable solenoid valve designed for medical and analytical devices and systems that require reliable and consistent performance with low outgassing and a bubble tight seal.

Product Information

Series 25, and 26 PC mountable solenoid valves convert a digital electrical signal into a digital pneumatic output. The patented miniature design is preferred by medical and analytical OEMs worldwide and allows valves to be soldered directly onto a printed circuit board, providing both electrical termination and mechanical attachment. These valves power small cylinders directly or can be used to pilot larger valves that require high flow rates.

Technical Specifications

Typical Applications:Oxygen Conservers and Concentrators, Sieve bed switching, Anesthesia Delivery, Compression Therapy, Gas Chromatography, Insufflators, Flow control/shut-off
Performance: Flow Rate Range:0 to 35 slpm
Performance: Pressure Range:0 to 100 psi
Valve Configuration(Type):2/3 Way NC, 2/3 Way NO, 3 Way Distributor
Life (# cycles):Up to 200 Million Cycles
Pneumatic Connection Options:Manifold Mount, Barbs, 10-32 Female Threaded Port, 10-32 Male Threaded Port
Electrical Connection Options:Wire Leads, PC Mount, Quick Connect Spades, Solder Tabs
Leak Rate: Response Time: Power Requirement (Watts):0.5W, 1.0W, 2.0W
Weight:2.1 oz (60 g)


Width:0.63 in (15.88 mm)
Height:0.67 in (17.02 mm)
Length:2.04 in (51.69 mm)

Wetted Materials

Body:Brass 360 HO2, 430 FR Stainless Steel, 300 Series Stainless Steel
Seals(Elastomer):FKM, EPDM

Data Sheet

Click to download the Technical Specification of Series 25/26 - Miniature Solenoid Valve