Porter models 415 and 425 electronic pressure regulators combine the proven Porter EPC proportional control valve with an integrally-mounted pressure sensor and the necessary electronics for self-contained closed-loop pressure control. Models 415 and 425 permit regulation of forward and back pressures respectively. The controlled pressure is established by a user-applied 0-5 Vdc setpoint voltage. The exclusive absolute zero (ABZ) feature allows the pressure signal to be essentially clamped at zero for signals less than 1.5% full scale, which in turn forces the control valve closed. ABZ minimizes the zero drift effects due to temperature variation and guarentees the control valve will not open for setpoint values less than 1.5% full scale. When pressure is adjusted to greater than 1.5% full scale, the pressure signal is enabled and calibrated accuracy is achieved. The ABZ feature may be disabled by means of a control input at the electrical connector.

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